Squishing the Bug: Advice from a Weakling Artist

Sitting at my desk, having recently deleted the “News” app on my Iphone to protect myself from the chaos of Trumpism, I have learned about the importance of weakness. Ten days ago, when President Obama bestowed the honor of being the “Leader of the Free World” to Hades, I was glued to my laptop, not only aware that my time as an American was about to become a chapter in a series of history books, but I also began contemplating my role in this shift. Being born as a biracial, binational, bisexual, bilingual individual from two world powers, my identity forced me to rethink what my responsibilities were as someone who might very well be impacted socially, economically and politically by this new era. However, this impact that others have felt is something I still have trouble relating to.

Thus, in response to this future oppression, I asked myself a series of questions naturally born from this contemplation: should I now become an activist? Do I give up my pursuit of making it as a screenwriter in favor of a career that’s more “meaningful”? Or has living in Lalaland really given me a privilege to stay out of this global mess we’re in? Is it then worth it? Because honestly, other than the discourse in our day to day lives, my beautiful, creative and intellectual bubble is still standing strong. I can write whatever I want, say whatever pops out of my millennial head, and not fear condemnation. Of course, upon my own reflection and the input of my oppressed ancestors who didn’t have the privilege of having a voice, I reached the conclusion that my calling as an artist isn’t any less meaningful than other diverse careers that make America great, and if I was to continue protecting my delicious bubble from Lucifer and his minions, I better do my best to make sure those cockroaches get squished real quick.

How was I going to do that? By continuing my work and recognizing its truth.

So there I was, thinking about how my portfolio might reflect my understanding of the world and my place in it, and ultimately help in this pursuit of squishing the bug. I had been working on a number of projects, as diverse and different as the people who make this country shine. However, the one I have been most drawn to discuss is my recent work on an animated show I named “The Time Keepers”. The story about a group of teenagers who must stop evil forces from destroying time as we know it, I thought: “wow, what a great way to think about the real world.” Of course, this is an animated show that is completely based on fictional characters in a fictional world. But so often, I’ve found my work to be a source of enlightenment, inspiration and encouragement for how to tackle real life. To quote Neil Gaiman from Coraline, “fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” In this case, we can all assume to know who my dragon is. However, the truth of the matter is that we all know how dragons appear in every facet of our lives, constantly forcing us to understand the darkness we all face everyday, and the resilience we need in order to get to the point of fulfillment and achieving a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and inclusivity.

So then, how might our stories that inspire us to believe that we can fight back against something bad also teach us about the importance of weakness, and reveal just how much power there really is in it? Well, from personal experience, as a 20-something year-old college student who has spent what feels like a lifetime being laughed at and bullied for what seems like every reason in the book (except for being a woman) and is still able to use those experiences to illustrate a truth seen through his work, weakness is in fact my middle name. Even though we have all felt humiliated either because of our marginalized or even privileged positions in this culture, our experiences are so vast and so unique that they transcend every social barrier we as a group often set in stone for ourselves. And as we take part in this great (but admittedly pricey) institution that will hopefully strengthen our potential for being leaders in entertainment and the world eventually, remember that weakness gives us the power of empathy to speak on behalf of those whose bubbles are threatened and whose own weakness is so severe that we must send our own dragons to lift them up.

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Amanda’s Intro

My name is Amanda, I’m a Junior Recording Arts major. I love doing sound for animation, and I’m a big advocate for queer rights, intersectionality, and representation in the media. I’m the supervising sound editor for Pastel Circus Animation, where we are currently working on a show called “Super”, which features an interracial lesbian leading couple. I’m half Polish, and I go by they/them. I recently got into tabletop gaming. Moana and Steven Universe make me emotional.  I am very tired.

Liberty’s Intro


I really like the color purple. I am currently playing Overwatch, watching Yuri on Ice! and trying to make Youtubes.


I also really like cats.


I am very interested in talking about ethnicity and woc in the industry.

Animation, Junior.

Kay’s Here

Howdy folks!

I’m Kay Reilly. I’m a junior animation major and this class is basically a dream come true for me. Media representation is something that matters a lot to me and something that I have already done extensive research on.

I guess interesting things about me are that I’m the youngest of six siblings and I’ve lived in NorCal and SoCal. (also I go by they/them)

Hope we all learn a lot from each other and have fun!

Amy’s Intro

Hi Friends!  I’m Amy, a Senior animation major. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all on the blog. Two interesting facts about me:

I’ve got a bunny named Bunnyfacio and I like to play Ragtime piano.


Alexa’s Intro

Hey everyone, I’m Alexa. I’m a sophomore recording arts major from New Jersey. No, I do not hang out with the cast of Jersey Shore.

The most important thing to know about me is that I’m a music enthusiast. My life revolves around my favorite bands/artists. Each of them have inspired me to move here to study recording arts. After college I plan to go on tour for a few years as a front of house engineer, or perhaps a drummer or even a little bit of both. Once I get too old and wrinkly for life on the road, I’d like to open up a recording studio. I also plan to write throughout my life. Novels, poetry, songs…words are just cool.

Gretchen Intro

Hello Everyone!

My name is Gretchen and I am a junior animation major, computer science minor. I recently joined the class, so I look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about you all. A little bit about me, I’m originally from Minnesota, my favorite food is curry, and I enjoy playing video games and doodling in my spare time.  I don’t have a nickname I go by, but I do use they/them pronouns for myself.

I look forward learning more about everyone over the course of this semester, and I’ll see people Monday!

Thanks for reading!

Ashley/Sum Yi’s Intro

Hello everyone! To all of my family and some friends, I am Sum Yi. To most of my friends and the people here at LMU, I am Ashley. I will respond with with any of the two that you choose!

Fun fact time!

  1. I am an international student from Hong Kong, so having grown up there, I am pseudo-naturally trilingual (mandarin, cantonese and english)
  2. I once thought that I was allergic to sunlight because I would sneeze manically everytime I opened my curtains in the morning (turned out to be the dust from the curtains)…

I am looking forward to participating in discussion and learning more from everyone!