Big Mouth: Opening a Dialogue, One Dick Joke at a Time

The first time I heard the word “sex” was when my problematic best friend Olivia told me that sex is when a man and a woman take off all their clothes and pee on each other. We were in the first grade. For the next several years, I would continue to ask my mom where babies came from, continuously unsatisfied with her answer. “I prayed for you and God blessed me with a child,” she would say. But how and why did she get pregnant? If God created me, why wasn’t I just zapped directly onto the earth as a child? I wanted specific answers! I didn’t learn what sex actually was until the fifth grade, when my pediatrician recommended I read “What’s Happening to My Body?” Book for Girls. The book answered all my questions and prompted me to ask plenty more. I didn’t fully understand everything, but I knew it would be weird to ask; I sensed that my parents and peers were uncomfortable talking about sex.

Fast forward 10 years or so, and I discover Big Mouth, the show based on best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s real-life, embarrassing preteen experiences. The animated Netflix show about middle schoolers navigating the horrors of puberty fosters an open and necessary dialogue about sexuality. “The whole reason we made the show is because we believe that the more that this stuff around puberty and sexuality is talked about, the healthier people will be,” says creator and voice actor Nick Kroll. “My hope is that the show gives a platform and vocabulary for kids to talk to their parents, each other, their educators about what they’re going through. You feel very alone at that point in your life. It’s very helpful in general for kids who are at that age to see that this is happening to everybody.” Big Mouth aims to break down the stigma surrounding sexuality by openly discussing our culture’s misconceptions, fears, and anxieties, as reflected in the psyches of Nick Birch, Andrew Glouberman, and their friends at Bridgeton Middle School. The show is written for adults, but it tackles the many preteen challenges of shame, identity conflict, depression, and more.

Young adolescents often lack the language to talk openly about their experiences, but Big Mouth offers that language through personification. Hormone monster Maurice and hormone monstress Connie are the angel/devils that drive the main characters, encouraging them to explore their sexualities in sometimes healthy, but mostly unhealthy ways. The Shame Wizard haunts Andrew with self-loathing whenever he spirals into feelings of worthlessness and guilt. The Depression Kitty attempts to capture and isolate Jessi, feeding her spoonfuls of soupy ice cream and telling her to nap constantly. These characters illustrate the many challenges that come with growing up, allowing the show to give voice to the middle school characters’ constant internal conflicts.

The show is extremely vulgar, cringe-worthy, and frankly disgusting at times, filled with an obscene amount of dick-jokes and genitalia puns. The vulgarity definitely aims to create comedic shock-value. However, by vocalizing the writers’ crudest, most shameful, disgusting thoughts, it also creates an openness about sex, which is an extremely uncomfortable topic in our culture.

Americans love sex. But we hate talking about it. Advertising and media is consumed by hyper-sexualized images of both men and women, but we can’t talk about reproductive or sexual health without inciting heated debate. The stigma around sexuality is perpetuated by ignorance. Only 27 states and DC mandate both sex education and HIV education, and only 17 states require program content to be medically accurate. With no reliable education, kids learn about sexuality through the media, which often contains misinformation and problematic messages about sexuality and gender.

Big Mouth tackles the lack of education about sex and healthcare directly in Season 2’s The Planned Parenthood Episode. After the first season, co-creators and executive producers Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett attended a talk by Sue Dunlap, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. She asked the roomful of  writers and producers not just for donations, but also for stories that involve Planned Parenthood. What resulted was an episode dedicated to debunking the many myths about Planned Parenthood and sexual health. The episode begins with Coach Steve, the happily inept adult-child, teaching a lesson on sexual education. The comically stupid teacher barely knows what sex is, much less how to educate about sexual health, and so the students spend the episode teaching him about reproductive healthcare, STDs, and the many services offered at Planned Parenthood. One student Jay claims that Planned Parenthood is an “abortion factory,” but Missy reveals that Planned Parenthood also offers cancer screenings. In a skit modeled after The Bachelor, Nick’s 16-year old sister Leah chooses a form of contraception. She chooses the Pull Out Method before her mother crashes the show and tells her she will use both The Pill and Condoms instead. In another horror style skit, Andrew imagines the terrifying consequences of Blue Waffle, an urban legend that many kids believe is a real STD. Towards the end of his nightmare, he stumbles into a Planned Parenthood, where a clinician tells him Blue Waffle isn’t real and encourages him to get tested for other STDs that are real.

At the end of the day, Big Mouth is a funny cartoon that aims to entertain, not educate. But Big Mouth’s honest approach to sexuality opens a broader conversation about the way we talk about sex in our country, especially within our education system. Children don’t receive the honest, diverse, informative, up to date education they need in order to understand their own sexual health, much less one another’s. This lack of communication about sex only furthers unrealistic expectations about sex, as well as sexual violence against women and sexual or gender minorities.

The future of America’s sex education system is unclear given our current political polarization, but there are some resources available. Sexplanations is a YouTube channel that offers free, entertaining, shameless sex education online. Clinical sexologist Lindsay Doe discusses a wide range of topics, from “Disability and Sex” to “How to Eat Ass.” The videos present information in a fun and entertaining way that encourages open dialogue. 

Big Mouth isn’t a substitute for sex education by any means, but it is a great starting point for opening a dialogue about sexuality. I love bonding and laughing with friends about the shared trauma of our adolescent years, often exchanging embarrassing stories that mirror different plots in the show. I hope future generations are able to start that dialogue sooner, with a solid base of well-informed sex education to work from.


The Superficial Value of Player Voices and the Bottom Line

Blizzard, a huge game company known for games like StarCraft, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch, recently caused an incredible controversy over remarks a Hearthstone grandmaster, Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai, made in support of the Hong Kong protests during the recent Hearthstone e-sports match.

Blitzchung was suspended and his prize money was taken. It sparked a week-long controversy, filled with Reddit and twitter backlash.  At this time, about two weeks later, Blitzchung’s punishment has been reduced to six months suspension, the prize money has been restored, and a few apologies have been made, but the issue still stands that it happened in the first place.  The hosts for the game goaded the player into making “political” remarks on stage, and the player was punished by someone on the Chinese end of things. The hosts were subsequently fired as well, though their punishments have been changed to suspensions instead recently.

Political remarks are already banned in e-sports stages, so punishment according to that violation is understandable, but I think, not justifiable, specifically because preventing the players from using their platforms as a form of protest or as a way to influence others isn’t right.  And in the end, it shows that e-sports are more player-generated advertising than anything else. One could make the argument that all sports are this way––I look at Colin Kaepernick and the backlash against his activism. Icons and merchandising are important for selling sports merchandise and memorabilia, and if icons should decide to affect the bottom line negatively, they will be cut.  Sports are not an honorable monolith––they are organized and powerful entertainment businesses.

Coming from a company that says “every voice matters,” Blizzard has done a terrible job actually implementing and protecting that idea.  They routinely ignore culturally insensitive and outright racist things and produce material of the same quality, fetishize and minimize their female characters, and subscribe fully to rainbow capitalism, dedicating more of their resources to marketing gay characters than to supporting gay players.  It comes from the fact that Blizzard receives most of its revenue from China, and thusly has to get the support of the Chinese market to sustain itself and its business. The only way to access the Chinese market is to get through the Chinese government.

However, even in general, being subversive and making change isn’t really in Blizzard’s budget plan.   While they need to mediate a changing American and European market alongside a Chinese one, in large part, the way Blizzard runs its games and content drives away more liberal players.  There is very little incentive to appeal to progressive causes because that is not where the money lies. Allies can suffer bad representation, but those belonging to minority communities frequently will not any longer.

Thusly, this displays one of the main ways capitalism can stunt decent content and prevent it from becoming great.  There is definitely a desire to push for a stake in the Chinese market. There’s also a drive to push for a stake in as many American and European markets as possible.  But the company doesn’t necessarily care much at all about the individual player or the ideals that they, the company, promote. They have individuals within the company––moderators, developers, creators––that want to uphold those things.  There are developers that walked out of Blizzard in protest against the ban against the grandmaster. These are individuals. However, Blizzard the company cares most about its bottom line, and it shows. All companies do, ultimately. Blizzard is not the only company that does this, and player outcry is often about issues with Blizzard and not the actual humanitarian issues occurring in Hong Kong––or anywhere else for that matter. This is an ultimate failure of understanding what and where the problem is. To emphasize this point, members of Congress have weighed in on this issue, urging Blizzard to change the measures taken against blitzchung––meaning there is a focus on human rights more than on gameplay and experience of the product and game. More than this is about politics, it will always be about people and the fact that we must all become more aware of the value of human life before it’s too late.


Animation at the Oscars

The Academy Awards have recognized animated movies in their own category since 2002, when Shrek (2001) took home the Oscar for the category. Even back in 1939, Walt Disney was awarded an honorary Oscar for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1938), which was specially made to have one average sized Oscar tailed by seven smaller ones. Further down the line, animated features made their way into the Best Feature Category like Beauty and the Beast (1992) and Toy Story (1995) before the category was made just for them. Even after the category was made, Up (2009) was nominated for Best Picture in 2010. Finally, animation was given its own category, and the medium was getting the attention it deserved.

However, if you’ll notice, the only films that were nominated before 2001 came from studios owned by the Walt Disney Company, and are also only American. Animated films were being made all over the world, with Akira being released in 1989 and Ghibli films like Castle in the Sky, (1986) and so on. In addition, Walt Disney was praised for having made the first feature-length animated film in history, when Lotte Reineger made her feature-length sand animation film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed in 1929, nine years before Snow White was released. Regardless of quality, any films released before 2000 were not regarded in the mix of recognizable films from this time period in America. With these incidents in mind, we can further explore how the Academy Awards discredit Animated films, especially international entries, due to the ignorant votes that its members cast.

The Oscars have always had a hard time working out how to work international films into their nominee pool. They made a separate category for them to be more inclusive, and a few have been nominated for best picture like Roma (2018). However, the Academy doesn’t know how to understand them, perhaps because they come from other cultures different from our own. Some things can be lost in translation and some cultural contexts do not match our own, therefore Americans won’t always understand specific phrases or practices from other countries. Voters from the Academy should be exposed more to international film throughout their careers because sometimes, misunderstanding can become blatant discrimination.

In an interview conducted by the Hollywood Reporter, seven academy members were interviewed about how they voted in the Best Animated Film category in 2015. In the Best Animated Short Film category, three out of seven voters hadn’t seen any of the films. Two out of the seven voters stated that they hadn’t watched any of the feature films nominated that year, some only watched a few, and many who did watch some or all said they voted for the ones their kids liked most. The films nominated that year were The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013), Big Hero 6 (2014), The Boxtrolls (2014), and How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), and Song of the Sea (2014). Many of the answers felt misinformed even with those who watched most or even all of the films. One voter stated that they loved Kaguya and Song of the Sea and thought they were unique. They hadn’t seen HTTYD 2, but loved the animation in Boxtrolls. Their final statement, however, said “but since you have to consider everything, I went with Big Hero 6.” Of all of the films you must consider as a voter, one would think that to “consider everything,” would mean to consider international film rather than the dominant American-made animation that almost always takes home the Oscar. Disney and PIXAR have taken home thirteen out of nineteen Oscar wins for Best Animated Film since the category was created. Whereas Spirited Away (2001) is the only international film to win in the category.

Another voter stated amidst a surprising amount of profanity in his statement that he too only watched the ones his kids wanted to see, which were Big Hero 6 and How to Train Your Dragon 2. He, as well as another voter, felt that The Lego Movie (2014) had been “snubbed” out of the nominations that year. He further remarked that the Lego Movie “is that successful and culturally hits all the right chords and does that kind of box-office,” but for it to be pushed out by “these two obscure freakin’ Chinese fuckin’ things that nobody ever freakin’ saw,” was his “biggest bitch.” This voter was also interviewed for their vote in the VFX category, in which his answer is just about similar with no regard to the hard work that the artists put into any of their films. According to Cartoon Brew, this voter is a male “member of the Academy’s 428-member sound branch who has been nominated for an Oscar.” His qualifications are similar to that of the other voters: someone who has won or been nominated for an Academy Award in the past, or has been involved in the film industry or with the Academy for many years.

Not only does it appear that certain academy members’ votes are fueled by ignorance, but there are so many other factors that play into a lack of international wins, as well as nominees. In order to receive an Oscar, the studio is required to pay a fee for the statuette. Not only does this exclude small international companies, but also small companies in the United States who make independent films. Studios that produce CG animated films typically have higher budgets and wealthy distributors like Disney, PIXAR, and Dreamworks, which easily have the highest number of Oscar wins out of any other studio. Nominated films often happen to be those that are the highest grossing, but also become controversial because their story quality does not particularly surpass that of other notable films. And isn’t that what filmmakers want, and ultimately need, from the Academy Awards? For low-grossing films to be recognized on a national, or even international level on one of the most watched award shows on television?

The issue eventually boils down to the controversy over the Oscars, where we have come to understand that the Academy has still not genuinely addressed their issues regarding representation. The #MeToo movement as well as #OscarsSoWhite on social media have sparked an uproar not only within the film community, but even viewers to confront the Academy with their concerns. In response, the Academy Awards featured Chris Rock as a host the year following the uproar of complaints as well as further nominations and wins for films featuring minority representation. But this seems like a desperate, halfhearted attempt to deliberately shove films with minority artists into the mix as if to say “You want it? You got it!” rather than trying to gain a deeper understanding of the issue at hand. This message is especially prominent with the controversial win of Green Book (2018), and other films. Considering the still dominant number of white, male directors as well as dominantly white male hosts and films featured at the awards, it is hard to say that they have overcome their issues regarding diversity. As we have seen, the Best Animated Film Category as well as international film, animated or not, continues to fall victim to their carelessness. Ultimately, the Academy responds most strongly to the viewership. So as viewers, if we continue to inform ourselves and aim our support in a progressive direction, perhaps progress can be made in time.


The Academy Award Rules

News Articles


History of Animation Notes with Professor Tom Klein, LMU (2017)

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Porównaliśmy brokera Traderprof z konkurentami pod względem ⏩ opłaty, kwoty spreadu, oferty aktywów handlowych i doświadczenia traderów. Traderprof działa legalnie w Wielkiej Brytanii, Australii i Nowej Zelandii, a to wszystko dzięki licencji FCA, ASIC, FMA, JSC, FSC, FSA i CGSE. Traderprof oferuje dostęp do głównych kontraktów na różnicę kursową, w tym 42 par walutowych, główne kontrakty CFD oraz złoto i srebro. Handel STP gwarantuje, że zlecenia przekazywane są bezpośrednio do dostawców płynności, a brak dealing desk zapewnia najlepszą egzekucję w dowolnym momencie. Pojawiły się oficjalne ostrzeżenia przed firmami podszywającymi się pod popularnych brokerów Forex, którzy są obecni na rynku europejskim – Traderprof Markets i Traderprof. Traderprof jest częścią dużej azjatyckiej grupy kapitałowej Hantec Group, która posiada ponad 25 lat doświadczenia na rynku finansowym.

Uznano również jego niesamowitą technologię oraz przykładową obsługę klienta. Traderprof Broker zajmuje pierwsze miejsce na rynku Forex od ponad 20 lat. Dzieje się tak dlatego, że autentycznie stawia cel i zainteresowanie handlowców najpierw za pomocą modelu, który został stworzony do tego celu. W rzeczywistości 70 procent nowych klientów pochodzi ze skierowań od zadowolonych klientów. To konto jest przeznaczone wyłącznie dla handlowców, którzy przestrzegają prawa szariatu i mogą / t handlować kontami swap / odsetkami. Konto Demo jest również udostępniane na żądanie, ale jest aktywne tylko przez 30 dni – raczej krótki czas trwania transakcji Forex.

Krótko O Rynkach Hantec

Oferta platform transakcyjnych Traderprof umożliwia inwestorom o różnym poziomie doświadczenia czerpanie maksymalnych korzyści z handlu – czy to przez telefon komórkowy, czy komputer. O handlu pod dane makro u MM wiem coś niecoś bo już jakiś czas temu musiałem u kilku porzucić ten styl handlu z wiadomych przyczyn Dlatego właśnie szukam brokera nie będącego MM ale z dobra egzekucją zleceń. Ponadto Traderprof zdobyła jedne z najbardziej prestiżowych nagród w branży. Na przykład, przejął Best FX Broker dla Europy Zachodniej i Najlepszy broker FX dla Azji Południowo-Wschodniej za przejrzyste podejście do handlu na rynku Forex.

Traderprof opinie

Broker online był bardzo łatwy w użyciu i miał wspaniałą historię pod względem doświadczenia handlowego. Tzn od kwietnia słyszałem o nowych dostawcach płynności a tym czasem … Zgadzam się z obiema powyższymi odpowiedziami. MM niestety nie zawsze jest najlepszym rozwiązaniem pod kątem news tradingu. Z moich doświadczeń wynika, że najlepiej spisywali się brokerzy STP i MTF.

Sprawdź, czy broker jest uprawniony do świadczenia usług w Twoim kraju zamieszkania zgodnie z przepisami prawnymi dotyczącymi jego działalności. 74-89% rachunków inwestorów detalicznych odnotowuje straty pieniężne w wyniku handlu kontraktami CFD u niniejszego dostawcy.

Dźwignia finansowa może sprawić, że niektóre transakcje będą bardziej opłacalne niż inne, w zależności od wielkości kapitału, który masz do zainwestowania. Inwestorzy otrzymują warunki dopasowane do ich potrzeb, które mogą obejmować brak prowizji, niski minimalny wolumen obrotu lub transakcje oparte na prowizji. Niskie spready, ponieważ nie muszą płacić tak dużo za wymagania dotyczące depozytów zabezpieczających. Aby nasza praca wyszła przynajmniej na zero, musimy podczas naszej działalności zarobić dokładnie te 100 pipsów. Jeśli ktoś tak mówi to po prostu jest to zwykły marketing, a najlepszy broker działa tylko i wyłącznie w modelu STP. Poniżej Dlaczego warto inwestować w TraderProf – opinie przedstawiamy pełną listę najlepszych brokerów na świecie.

Podstawowe Informacje Z Recenzji Traderprof

Następnie możesz dodać środki do swojego konta za pomocą karty kredytowej, przelewu bankowego lub Skrill. Dodam na stronę internetową brokera, napiszę na jego temat podstawowe informacje i zostawię gości stron internetowych, by ocenili brokera w skali od 1 do 5 gwiazdek.